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A key barrier to entry is cost - so we created the Procurement Intelligence Forum which is FREE!

We set up the Procurement Intelligence Forum as a 2 day FREE to attend programme of valuable advice sessions shared by expert suppliers. This free to attend programme has been a success every year at IMPA Singapore and is well established as a high value content programme offered really for free to purchasers and technical staff from ship owner & management companies.

Each day has 4 sessions with presentation slots of 20, 40 & 60 minutes tailored to suit the depth of the detail on each topic. These mini seminar presentation sessions are an ideal way for suppliers to communicate a range of top tips to help everyone involved in developing their skills and daily professional lives. From 'How to' sessions to Understanding modal shifts the program every year is designed to add value and we are always looking to suppliers to drive the programme and engage with the audience.

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Atlas Marine Valves

IMPA Singapore 2018

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IMPA Singapore 2018

To be a part of the 2019 programme contact:

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