Supporting Organisations:

The Procurement Intelligence Forum (PIF)

Are you a supplier looking to offer valuable advice that develops attendees’ professional skills? Join the PIF.

Spanning across two days (05-06 November 2019), the Forum brings forward a top-quality content programme offered for free to purchasers and technical staff from ship-owning and -managing companies. Each day will be split into 4 sessions with presentation slots of 20, 40 and 60 minutes, each tailored to suit each topic’s depth of detail. These mini-seminar sessions are an ideal way for suppliers to communicate a range of top tips to help everyone involved in developing their skills and daily professional lives. From tips for ordering valves from Atlas Marine Valves to awareness sessions on Incoterms, dangerous goods and cost-saving in logistics from DB SCHENKERmarineparts, we have had great feedback on last year’s PIF sessions.

The Demonstration Programme

Are you a supplier eager to showcase a product or service? Prepare and carry out a demonstration.

This programme allows attendees to discover exciting new services, innovative products and adaptable suppliers. From new technologies that can help you save time to services that streamline your internal processes, our Demonstration Programme gives suppliers the opportunity to display their novel products directly to key decision-makers.

The Workshop Agenda

Looking forward to present a product or service within a smaller or targeted group? Run a workshop.

Our annual Singapore event brings the maritime buyer together with worldwide suppliers for round-table gatherings and face-to-face sessions. It is the perfect opportunity to find out more about products, services and the latest in the industry.

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