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Innovation Centre Presentations Announced for IMPA London 2019

Here are the first announced presentations for the IMPA London Innovation Centre.

Back for 2019, the IMPA London Innovation Centre offers a chance for businesses to present new and exciting ideas and progress in their areas of expertise. The first announced presentations are as follows:

Company: HullWiper
Topic: Biofouling and the future of hull cleaning
Speaker: Laurance Langdon – HullWiper
About: The future of hull management is going to be very different to what has been before. New regulations, technologies and solutions are already in the market, with more to come. HullWiper shall explore where we have come from and where we are all heading.


Company: Trelawny
Topic: Proactive global tool supply using Trelawny
Speaker: TBA
About: How much purchasing time is spent trying to find the origin of a spare part or consumable and then in turn using further time to find a stockist to supply when a vessel is approaching a port? The same very much applies to deck scaling and surface preparation equipment.

Trelawny, the leading manufacturer and supplier of deck scaling equipment, using an IT interface will not only track the items you have on each vessel but will recommend the nearest stockist. Ongoing, this will give fleet operators extensive information as to what budget they are spending on these items annually and from where.

Many more presentations are due to be announced from companies such as:

  • Northern Marine
  • International Paint
  • Wilhelmsen
  • Lagersmit
  • Gulfhead
  • Wrist/ Garretts
  • Xlropes
  • RS Components

and many more. Keep up to date with our website here, to see the latest announcements.


29 April 2019

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