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The IMPA London 2019 Innovation Centre

This year we're excited to announce that there will be a variety of topics presented by many shipping companies. The presentations announced so far are as follows:

Company: HullWiper
Title: Biofouling and the future of hull cleaning
Speaker: Laurance Langdon – HullWiper
Synopsis: The future of hull management is going to be very different to what has been before. New regulations, technologies and solutions are already in the market, with more to come. HullWiper shall explore where we have come from and where we are all heading.


Company: Trelawny
Title: Proactive global tool supply using Trelawny
Speaker: TBA
Synopsis: How much purchasing time is spent trying to find the origin of a spare part or consumable and then in turn using further time to find a stockist to supply when a vessel is approaching a port? The same very much applies to deck scaling and surface preparation equipment.

Trelawny, the leading manufacturer and supplier of deck scaling equipment, using an IT interface will not only track the items you have on each vessel but will recommend the nearest stockist. Ongoing, this will give fleet operators extensive information as to what budget they are spending on these items annually and from where.


Company: International Paint
Title: Using Data Insights to improve the efficiency of Dry Docks
Speaker: TBA
Synopsis: Amongst other things, the condition of a vessel’s coating system can have an impact on the work schedule and planning of an upcoming dry dock. The condition of the coating on the underwater hull that then dictates the level of repair is often stated by experience or guesswork. Algorithms based on 40 year’s worth of ship inspection data have been developed that can predict the corrosion level of the hull and also the level of fouling of the hull based on the operational profile of the vessel. This has led to the development of an Innovative digital solution that will help Owners in their decision making when preparing for Dry Docking

Many more presentations are due to be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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