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Tuesday 11th September

Innovation Centre - 3rd Floor

10.00 - 10.45 - Survitec

SOLAS360. One supplier, one promise. Safety service simplified

Safety on board your vessel is of the upmost importance. Survitec has embraced the task of improving maritime safety by visiting operators and asking them how we could make operations safer and the procurement of safety equipment easier. We now introduce SOLAS360. Offering service completion guarantee, fixed, predictable pricing models and dedicated global support, Survitec are here to help with your total safety requirements.

11.00 - 11.30 - Gulf Agency Company (GAC)

Introducing the HullWiper

HullWiper has permission to operate at ports around the world including Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and - on an ad-hoc basis – key locations across the Middle East.

The HullWiper ROV is available for long term lease and is fully supported technically and commercially. It is also available as an onboard solution that allows all types of vessels to clean their hull on demand. It can be added on deck of existing vessels or included in the design phase of newbuilds via a space on deck, in a side door in the hull or in a futuristic moon pool.

11.40 - 12.30 - Wilhelmsen

Digitisation for Wilhelmsen Ships Service – what is it and how do we do it?

In an industry that is hit by more and more requirements, rules and regulations, the need for optimising processes and the way we do things will be increasingly important. The drive towards automation and autonomy is becoming instrumental in reducing cost and improving performance. Digitisation has gone from being a buzzword to becoming a reality in our industry. With a focus on everything from condition-based monitoring to training and information sharing, we have had to change the way we work internally and with partners. We will share some of the learnings we have made through this transformation and how this has impacted the way we work.

14.00 - 14.40 - Wrist Ship Supply

Optimising the entire supply chain

Going through a digital path, while optimising the entire supply chain, that will provide overall cost transparency and coordination is possible through Wrist’s Main Storing Tool. The online planning tool gathers all the information that is necessary to know about your specific order.

While having the overview in the Main Storing Tool, Wrist’s global assortment is now available as an E-Catalog. Find what you are looking for > submit an RFQ > receive a quote! The digital journey has just started and will evolve over the coming years.

14.45 - 15.25 - Garrets International

Innovating the maritime sector with easy ordering and control of waste

In today’s volatile markets, your success will depend on the solutions you choose. Choosing the right tools for the crew’s onboard will ease the process of ordering and the correct answer might be at your hand.

The launching of the new Garrets Stores Shopper will work as an innovative tool for the crew to order the stores items needed while being able to follow the order from submitting a quote to receiving an RFQ.

While the ease of ordering can give peace of mind - planning the menus onboard are essential for optimising consumption and minimising waste. The electronic Garrets Cookbook will help and guide the crew to reduce the waste of food, as the tool gives the opportunity to plan meals, look at nutrition values and inspire to be inspired.

Wednesday 12th September

14:00 - 15:00 - The Moore 4th Floor - ShipServ

ShipServ’s IMPA partnership and latest product news

This session kicks off with Stephen Alexander from IMPA and Don Staffin from ShipServ discussing the benefits to buyers and suppliers of the new Marine Stores Guide partnership between the two companies, including a run through showing how IMPA codes will be added to ShipServ’s search engines. We’ll then look at the new and planned developments to ShipServ’s solutions for suppliers. In the same session, senior execs from ShipServ will demonstrate to the audience the latest product news on the buyer side, including the new Supplier Performance Report (which enables buyers to get more from their relationships with suppliers) and the brand new Spend Analytics Report.

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